severing spirits, calendars

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Date: Mon 26 Feb 1996 - 22:35:00 EET

Sandy defends Sever Spirit. I add - the deity also has to answer the
caster's request!

I know of a Zorak Zoran Death Lord who, on a divinely inspired slaughter
spree, failed to get his final spell to work correctly. The spell's target,
elated at having survived unscathed the evil spell which had ripped the
souls from his three barbarian companions, promptly dispatched him. The
Yelmie attributed the spell's failure to his own strict adherance to the 237
Laws of Cleanliness. The troll, with his last thought, attributed the
failure to Zorak Zoran's disgust with his Death Lord's weakness. Perhaps
both were right!
Kevin Rose wisely asks:

>The only calender I've seen associated with the empire is the Theyalan
calendar. ( This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, as it
should logically use a Pelorian, Dara Happan, or Western based calendar,

I need to solve this problem, too, and to relate the Lunar calendar to the
Theyalan one. We know the Dara Happans used a four season calendar, which
was based largely on celestial events. (I _think_ it also has a two week
Sacred Time?) The Lunar Empire pretty much sprung from the Dara Happan one,
so wouldn't they use that calendar?

Does anyone have any idea if the (12?) (10?) months have names? I remember
reading somewhere about a month named "reed". How, exactly, wopuld they
correspond to the Theyalan calendar? I expect the first day of the Year
would be the same in both calendars, since both are solar. Sure, the

Loonies fit the moon cycles into the solar calendar weeks, but that just
shows that even the Red Moon Goddess is subject to the Justice of Yelm, no?



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