Pelandan Citizens

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 27 Feb 1996 - 02:12:10 EET

Andrew Behan:

>Just wondering whether Pelandans are full citizens, or only citizen
>foreigners like their Carmanian rulers? If they were full citizens it
>would add spice to the Carmanian snobbery against the casteless

I get the feeling from Loren's page that the Pelandans are oppressed
by the Carmanians and can be crucified at a moments notice for being
'uppity'. For the Pelandans to be citizens does imply that they have
some right of appeal to Glamour and are required to be tried by 'due
process' which sounds a tad unlikely in light of what has currently
been written. I don't think common Tarshite Farmers have that right
or are citizens so I don't see why Pelandans should be. (Common
heritage? C'mon! These people are responsible for the Spolite Heresy!)

>Perhaps there is some (percieved or purely local) advantage or
>prestige to being a citizen-foreigner which explains the marked lack of
>inter-marriage between these two co-existant groups. This was the
>explanation for the endogamy of Greeks in Roman Egypt.

The endogamy of the Greeks in Roman Egypt was actually set about by
law (up to about 300 AD). It was promulgulated by Augustus and was
more of a divide-and-rule tactic to keep Egypt Roman rather than any
percieved snobbishness. The native Copts were lower on the social
scale in the eyes of Roman Law than an Alexandrian Greek or Jew and
were not citizens.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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