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From: Frank Rafaelsen (rafael@nvg.unit.no)
Date: Tue 27 Feb 1996 - 16:04:01 EET

Hi everybody!

Since I've been thinking about relocating my campaign to Fronela, I've
been doing some thinking about a number of western issues. And here are
two of them.
I don't know if my ideas are valid, or even plausible, but that is why I
present them to this discussion group. Any comment are welcome (please be

Western heroquesting have bothered me. I don't think westerners quest in
the same way as other cultures. And I have gathered that the current view
of heroquesting is no longer the "super RQ" game it once was. If this is
so I think the most common form of heroquesting in the west would be

pilgrimages. This would be a relatively low powered form of heroquesting,
accessible to allmost everybody. I think it is possible to include all
the elements in the "hero journey" within the context of a pilgrimage.
Gains from such quests could be gaining a patron saint(perhaps this is
nececary to get one?), protecting your livestock and family from disease,
improve your status in the community, or whatever.

One other thing I have been thinking about is the KoW(of course:)). I
followed the very interesting KoW debate last year. But as opposed to
some of the people in the debate I don't think LDoaH is a dwarven
construct, a chaos abomination or a psychotic humakti. I see him as
fanatic hrestoli!
In my campaign he is a man who believes that Loskalm should rule all of
Fronela. I think he is a heroquester who has been questing for the means
to shape his kingdom into the kind of kingdom that is able to drive the
barbarians from the land. In my campaign the KoW is going to attack
Loskalm until it has twisted Loskalm into a ruthless, fanatic and
desperate war machine. At that point my KoW is going to disappear.
Leaving Loskalm with a war machine without aim, but with a burning hatred

for pagans. Note, I think this is why Hrestol does not let Loskalm invoke
the crusade against the KoW. This would create exactely the sort of
mindless and brutal conquest LDoaH wants.
In other words, I think LDoaH is giving the loskalmi an example of what
to hate: they tap, they boast of their hundered war gods, they use other
barbarians as mercenaries etc. See the movie Seven to get a better
picture of how I see LDoaH's twisted mind!
The focus of my campaign is therefor going to be to get the players to
realise that victory lies in remaining idealistic, and not using the
KoW's methods against them (becoming like the KoW) This is going to be

very difficult (at least for my players :)): How win and remain
idealistic. This is truly going to times of testing for Loskalm's

So what do you think?

Frank Rafaelsen
"Si fallor, sum"


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