Biological Years

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Wed 28 Feb 1996 - 00:22:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
>Kevin Rose:
>Complains amount the relevation that 1 gloranthan year=1 RW year.

>>For example, menstral cycle on earth is roughly 28 days. How long is
>>it on Glorantha? How far can a man march in a day, as obviously the
>>day is 20% longer?

>We make the day _metabolically_ longer. Human perceptions of the
>the day's length will not change. The length of the human menstrual
>cycle is not directly dependant on the human metabolic rate and so
>this will survive unchanged. I like this a hell off a lot better then
>being forced to knock off 20% of all ages to get the real age (which
>implies that people are effectively over the hill at 32!).

Well, I liked the 80% solution because it let me use the age range I am used
to while inferring iron age life spans on the Gloranthans, without me
needing to re-calculate them, the only change being gestation period (five
seasons). This is why I was dubious about 13-year-old queens.

I can live with an "It was Gregged", but the 80% solution was just damn


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