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The German RuneQuest - Society

The German RuneQuest Society is a gamers' association which was founded in
Germany in 1991. The society can count 150 members now. Most of these
members are germans (120), but we have also a some foreign members (from the
UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy and France). Our
main goal is to give support to RuneQuest, all RQ compatible games and the
games world Glorantha. Most of our activities are centered on Germany, but
some are intended to give benefit to all RQ- and Glorantha-fans everywhere.
(A WWW page is under construction and will be announced soon.)

The annual 30 DM membership fee for the German RQ Society entitles members
to receive all issues of Free INT or Tradetalk published that year and
finances the round letters and other activities the society undertakes. The
RuneQuest - Society has its (German) RuneQuest Con at Whitsun each year as a
special event, but does make appearances on other regional and even some
international events.

The RuneQuest - Society publishes or distributes the following material:

- - Free INT Magazine, the German language magazine for Glorantha, RuneQuest,
and compatible games. So far we produced 13 issuses of this magazine. The
issues # 3 and 5 - 13 are still available.
Issues # 4, 8 and 13 are Cthulhu issues. The other issues have mainly
RuneQuest/Glorantha topics. The price per issue is 4.80 DM plus postage 1.20
DM. We are printing three to four issues per year.

- - RuneQuest - scenario booklets. So far we have printed two of these
booklets, in German language. # 1 (Schatten in den Huegeln) has four normal
length scenarios, and # 2 (Ort ohne Wiederkehr) has one campaign. Both
these booklets' scenarios are placed in Sartar, near Jonstown. The price of
each booklet is 15,- DM for non-members and 10,- DM for members.

- - RuneQuest-Adventures; european reprint. No. 4 & 5 are still available.
6,50 DM per issue plus postage in Germany, contact your country's
distributor for detail info:

United Kingdom:
Retail sail through game stores. Contact Tom Zunder, 3 Stotfield Ave.;
Lyppard Kettleby, Worchester, WR 10 0 JJ,

Contact Flammans Spel, Tegnersgatan 8, S-412 52 Goeteborg, Sweden.=20

Contact: Lionel Dumont, 43, rue Saurupt, 54000 Nancy, France

- - Codex; No. 2 & 3 are availiable. 6,50 DM per issue. German distribution=

- - Jonstadt F=FChrer; guide booklet for the LARP Heroes of Wisdom (played
German RQ-Con 1995) with a description of Jonstown and the Lhankor Mhy
Temple. Only a few issues left. The price is 5,- DM per issue. We are
planning an English language reprint soon, as Jontown Guide. (This is
already available in Overseas areas:

Contact David Dunham,

Contact Andrew Bean, 4 Maggie Street, Yarraville VIC 3013

- - Tradetalk; the Free INT Compendium. Issue 1 of this magazine will be
coming soon (march). Tradetalk is a new English language RuneQuest/Glorantha
magazine with RuneQuest material translated from the pages of Free INT. The
first issue will contain:
- All Quiet on the eastern front, scenario
- Broos, source material
- The abduction, scenario
- Spirits with spirits, source material
- Ganari's Axe, scenario
- Orlanth's Ring, Source material
- Gods, Cults and Religions, Source material

- Glorantha calendar
  and maybe more
We can not say anything about the price, yet, because it is not printed yet.

German RuneQuest-Con 1996

The German RuneQuest-con will be held on the 24 to 27 may 1996 on castle
'Stahleck' near Bacharach (this is near Frankfurt) above the beautiful rhine
river valley. The castle provides a real mediaeval atmosphere.

There we will preform the Free Form Game 'Rise of Ralios'. It is taking
place on castle Kustria. We expect to have 80 - 100 players in the game.

But there is more. Our guest of honour David Hall, Shield push, Trollball,
RQ tournaments, workshops on various topics etc.
We have 150 places and can promise a good accomodation because castle
Stahleck is a newly renovated youth hostel (one of the best in all of=

The convention fee will be 100,- DM, covering the expenses for accommodation
and 2 meals per day.

For any question about the VII. RQ Con or the RuneQuest - Society send a
email to:

Ingo Tschinke


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