Re: Pregnancy and Childbirth

From: mark groff (
Date: Wed 28 Feb 1996 - 22:04:21 EET

I always assumed that gestation took one gloranthan year. If conception
and therefore childbirth took place during the two week "Sacred Time,"
when I always assumed the distinctions between linear time and God time
became a bit blurred, then there is a chance (rolled pow or magic points
as a percentage) that the father or mother of the child was a God or a
powerful spirit. The result of this would be tantamout to a gift which in game
play was an appropriate chaotic feature without a chaos taint. A child of
Urox might be develop to be half minotaur for example. This occurs through
a kind of trans substantiation where the God or Spirit in question over
rides one of the participants during intercourse. For this reason some
cultures would either try to conceive during the sacred time while others,
fearing to much introduction of the divine into the world, would tend to
practice chastity during this period. Also this allows as a plot device
the introduction of foretold sacred heros and religous breeding programs.


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