Carmanian and Pelandan Citizenship

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Date: Wed 28 Feb 1996 - 14:29:01 EET

In my version of Carmania everybody (Carmanian, Pelandan, Bindler,
Worlani, etc) is a "citizen" of the Lunar empire. That means,

naturally, citizen foreigner, though you wouldn't be wise to rub your
Carmanian host's nose in it. You may ask then, how can the Carmanians
get away with mistreating the Pelandans as they do? First, they don't
mistreat them as much as they did in the good old days before the
Lunars reconquered them and imposed the pelandan emancipation laws (a
better name is welcome). Second, does the idea of brutish warriors
who call themselves "good old boys" and wear all white while
illegally terrorizing a religious underclass with effective immunity
to the law ring any bells? The Carmanians have no right, under strict
Lunar law, to terrorize the Pelandans. This is why Irripi Ontor's
courts in the Western Reaches have such well-stocked larders and so
much money. The Carmanian gentle castes pay them plenty to make sure
they take the "right" side in legal conflicts with their Pelandan

Note that this depends on a few assumptions that may not pass muster
in other versions of the Lunar Empire (i.e. yours)
1. Irripi Ontor runs the courts in the provinces, if not in the

2. Carmanians are willing to bribe to get their way.
3. Citizen Foreigners do not have right of appeal to Glamour, only to
their Satrap.

4. Players are willing to play the oppressive overclass in a land
with endemic racial and religious discrimination.

I'd welcome any discussion along these lines.

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