Nargan Armies and LDoaH

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 00:16:09 EET

Hal Bowman:

>I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the "armies" swarming
>upriver into the Pamaltelan plains, apparently from the Nargan, are made
>up of?

Nobody knows (except Sandy).

The only relevant detail I have seen is that in ToTRM#11 there is map
of Jolar which has 'Blue Elves'. Asking about this on the digest got
the admission that the TOTRM Editors couldn't decipher Greg's scrawl
at this point and thought it might be 'Blues' or 'Elves'. So they put
both and added the figure. They're of the opinion now that the word
actually was 'Blues' which makes more sense.

But we have a problem. The Blues are from Zamokil and Kothar which
the Doraddi have known about for ages and which are not part of the
Nargan by any stretch of geography. So who are these invaders?

One thing is certain: Nobody knows their cause. Which implies they
don't take prisoners and those who have seen the armies have done so
from afar.

Possible Cotenders:

FIRE ELVES: They actually live in the Sea of Flame which is beyond
the Boiling Swamp and the Enmal Mountains (where the Pamaltelean Gods
live). So it's a bit far for them to migrate. They could be Goblins
from the Boiling Swamp but this makes it hard to explain how they could
have passed the Nargan without becoming dehydrated.

CHAOS INVASION: Passe. Furthermore Pamaltelan horrors tend to be
individualized not species of generic monsters. So I can't imagine
them being the source of the armies that swarm...

RED GIANTS: Possibly from the Enmal Mountains. Known of in Artmali
mythology. They may or may not be the related to the Agi. I don't
think they drink water which explains how they manage to pass the
Nargan. I think the youngest giants are man-sized and dark-skinned,
whereas the older ones might be big as a troll and have a red skin.
The truely old ones are giant-sized and are flaming but none have been
obsevred in the armies so far. They've been driven from their homes
because of some unknown reason and are seeking a new life on the far
side of the Nargan. I think they subsist on fresh ashes and other
sorts of charcarol.

Any other ideas?

Nick Brooke:

LDoaH as Fanatic Hretoli:

>Unfortunately, the Ban makes it difficult to cast the War Lord as Sir
>Meriatan's long-lost brother, but maybe you can find a work-around?
>After all, we don't *know* that LDoaH was leading the KoW before it
>emerged from the Ban, do we? :-)

Actually the KoW becomes organized around 1618 (IIRC) which may be
related to LDoaH taking over. All we know was that he was in the
Black Forest _after_ the Ban had elapsed. Perhaps he was trying to
flee the horrors of the Black Forest with the remains of his Loskalmi
expedition when he met Harrek?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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