Speed of light /sound

From: Barbara Braun (zbraun@minyos.its.rmit.EDU.AU)
Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 01:27:58 EET

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Speed of c / sound:
John Hughes suggsts mythic reasons about why the speed of sound may be
faster than that of light. Being a physicist I think it is fine so long
as you increase the speed of sound to be above that of light rather than
slowing light down too much. At the Gloranthan experimental level you
won't see much difference anyway. Except for the lightning and thunder
level. But if you slow light down too much you could get the effect of
hearing the crackle of bushes before seeing the ambushers leap out.

If the speeds are roughly similar but with sound slighlty faster it is
only over distances of several key-miles that differences will manifest
but reality as we expect it won't change to dramatically in unexpected

Cheers, Andrew
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