Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #413

From: Frank Rafaelsen (
Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 13:48:33 EET

Peter Metcalfe answering Nick Brooke:

> LDoaH as Fanatic Hretoli:
> >Unfortunately, the Ban makes it difficult to cast the War Lord as Sir
> >Meriatan's long-lost brother, but maybe you can find a work-around?
> >After all, we don't *know* that LDoaH was leading the KoW before it
> >emerged from the Ban, do we? :-)
> Actually the KoW becomes organized around 1618 (IIRC) which may be
> related to LDoaH taking over. All we know was that he was in the
> Black Forest _after_ the Ban had elapsed. Perhaps he was trying to
> flee the horrors of the Black Forest with the remains of his Loskalmi
> expedition when he met Harrek?

Hmm, I'm only thinking out loud here, but it is Meriatan who is planning
to engulf whole of Fronela in a war against the KoW. He does sound a lot
like my LDoaH doesn't he? :) Perhaps he IS LDoaH. (why do I get the soap
opera feeling here? : "sir Lucas I am your father! Join me or die,
together we can rule Fronela!" Sickening isn't it :))

Frank Rafaelsen
"Si fallor, sum"


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