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Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 17:57:13 EET

I wrote (you know you're in trouble when you comment on your own
> 3. Citizen Foreigners do not have right of appeal to Glamour, only to
> their Satrap.

You may well wonder does this mean your local Satrap (the Count), or
the Lunar Official in charge of the entire Western Reaches (the
Governor Palamtales). In most of the provinces, it is not a problem.
The only Satrap they have is the one in charge of the entire province
(the Governor). But in Carmania you have a Satrap (Count) with a
Satrap (Governor) overseeing him or her. So, I think that means that
in Carmania you have the right of appeal to the first Satrap in the
line of command, and that would be the local Satrap (the Count).

Does this mean that the Satraps (Counts) are all-powerful in their
domain? Practically speaking, yes. But we already knew that, didn't
we? The Red Emperor only cares about what happens within a county
when his tax revenues are affected. There are some exceptions to this
power: Full Lunar Citizens have the right of appeal past the Satrap;
and the old-style Carmanian (caste-law) courts can sometimes be
tricky to negotiate.

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