Pilgrimages and saints

From: Frank Rafaelsen (rafael@nvg.unit.no)
Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 18:42:37 EET

Erik said:

> "Low Powered", of course, depends on WHERE you are pilgrimaging. The
> holy part of the pilgrimage may not be difficult, but if the site is
> in the hands of heathens, heretics or krjalki things might be more
> difficult. If the quest demands that you wander unarmed and unarmored
> like St Kevin did, then you will have trouble if the area is more
> violent than in St Kevin's days....
Agreed! Perhaps this is the reason that the saint Arkat writeup says
there are other requirements to gain him as an protector: You have to
travel to Dorastor. No wonder he is rarely venerated.

> Some ideas:
Lots of useful role playing possibilities here, thank you.

Nick Brook said:

> An excellent suggestion, IMHO: I particularly like the link to obtaining patron
> saints (it's always nice to have some requirement beyond "Sacrifice POW").
And since I'm using the Pendragon traits I have been thinking about
either having trait requirements for each saint or make the players roll
under a trait to invoke the saint's blessing. I have been thinking about:
Just for Paslac, Valorous for Talor, and Just (?) for Gerlant etc.

> I think a second, less common (and more "powerful") model for Western
> heroquesting would be knight-errantry. You know, like in those Arthurian
> Romances where a knight can ride just half a day from Camelot and finds himself
> facing symbolic and magical foes, strange castles and kingdoms and tests which
> properly belong on the Other Side. This might be *exactly* how a Western Knight
> would set out on some strange Adventure (anyone thinking of Snodal? or
> Hrestol?). The blur between "magical" Glorantha and the Hero Plane makes it
> possible to "slip across" at any point.

Ahh of course, I like this idea a lot! All of this does make the consept
of western heroquesting a bit clearer!

Frank Rafaelsen
"Si fallor, sum"


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