Carmanian castes and religions

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Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 19:12:32 EET

I've been unhappy with the presentation of religions by caste in the
Genertela book for some time. While working on the Carmanian Orthodox
church I wondered what cults most people would be members of,
practically speaking. Here are some preliminary thoughts, by no means
official, and I would appreciate your feedback and discussion.

Pelandans, I believe, are mostly worshippers of an Earth pantheon of
deities (Pela, Voria, Maran Gor, Lodrilio [little Lodril], etc). This
would make sense to me, as they are in my version of Carmania also a
matriarchal, non-hierarchical society, and this is part of why the
Carmanian gentry detest them so much. They're like the Lunars only
even more extreme, "The Land of Women."

Harangvats and Bindlers combine ancestor worship with veneration of
the spirits of the Sweet Sea. There are some pretty monstrous blue
*things* in the Sweet Sea and they'd make for rollicking great
stories about "evil cults" for PCs to smash. I'm not sure what other
gods they might have. Any suggestions are welcome.

Worlani have been converting to Invisible Orlanth in droves recently.
I suspect they have had to worship a truncated storm pantheon for a
while, perhaps with Barntar or Elmal or my buddy Minlister at the
head of the pantheon. They no doubt conflate Invisible Orlanth with

the orthodox Carmanian entity known as Cloud Father who guided the
10,000 out of their western hell.

The Orthodox Carmanians have a choice between worshipping the Wise
Lord through the laws of magic, or directing their worship to the
many masks of the Wise Lord Ganesatarus, His emanations and
separations. I believe that the most important of these masks are
the caste-specific ones. Karmanoi belong to the cult of the Leader,
whose silver aspect is Issaries/Etyries, and whose red aspect is the
Red Goddess/Moonson. They can be initiates or higher in any of these
cults, or multiple ones, depending on which temples are available to
them. Vizirs who do not choose sorcery belong to the cult of the
Speaker of Truth, whose light aspect is Lhankor Mhy/Irripi Ontor,
and whose dark aspect is Ikadz the Torturer and Revealer. Some Hazars
belong to the cult of the Warrior, whose light aspect is
Humakt/Yanafal Tarnils and whose dark aspect is functionally similar
to Zorak Zoran, but not so uz-centric. Other Hazars belong to a
myriad of mystery cults which have bizarre powers, some very similar
to Hsunchen powers, some with powers allowing them to devour their
prey and take their abilities, and some with mystical understanding
of the skills of crafting and artifice. Carams belong to the cult of
the Wife, whose light aspect is similar to Ernalda and whose dark
aspect is similar to Subere. And finally, Waleeshas belong to the
cult of the Maiden Companion, whose light aspect is Uleria/Chalana
Arroy and whose dark aspect is Maran Gor.

Comments? Abreactions? Additions?

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