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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 18:59:45 EET

I need ideas from all you creative Digest readers. The PCs in my campaign
will in the next game session go to Aythellin, one of the East Isles.
Aythellin and its inhabitants, the Thellini, are the creation of Greg
Fried. Thellini society is in very short terms kind of a mix between
Plato's republic and utopian socialism.

One weird (to the PCs) thing they do is the sharing of dreams. Dreams
are all-important for East Isles magic and can carry important oracular
information. So the Thellini gather for communal dream interpretation
sessions. The political leader/scholar types lead the sessions in order
to get information and to get communal magic. As the participants tell
and reenact their dreams they should briefly come alive, so it is
kind of a worship/minuscule heroquest ceremony.

I intend for the characters to participate in such a session. The issue
is how to make an interesting game event of it. I want it to be some
kind of freeform story telling, improvising thing, but how the hell do
I pull off something like that? I'm not a good GM, especially not when
it comes to the interaction parts, and my players are not the keenest
on characterization and acting in character.

Any ideas? I also need ideas for interesting dreams which the Thellini
will discuss.

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