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Date: Thu 29 Feb 1996 - 22:50:11 EET

Nick Brooke thinks that Moonson would be a more appropriate cult to
oversee the administration of Lunar justice in the western reaches
than would Irripi Ontor. I guess I was thinking of Irripi Ontor in
the same way that Dunham et al think of Lhankor Mhy, as the
lawspeaker and voice of wisdom in society. Lemme think. I believe
that the caste law courts have vizirs acting as legal counsel with a
karmanos acting as judge.
That makes sense. Now to the Lunar case.

Here's some alternatives.

1. Lunar Courts in Carmania have a Red Moon or Moonson priestess, or
her appointed representative, presiding with educated Lunar Citizens
acting as legal counsel on both sides.

2. Lunar Courts in Carmania have a two tier system, with a inquisitor
or investigator from the temple of Irripi Ontor taking on first tier
problems, and those important issues that cannot be resolved through
investigation and inquisition going to a formal trial of seven
jurors, all Lunar Citizens, with the chief juror being a priestess of
Moonson or the Red Moon.

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