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Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 00:28:58 EEST

Martin Crim said:
>Killing people for pay is not assassination by any definition I
can >think of. Doing it covertly _is_
        You have not thought very hard then, martin. Killing people
for pay is, in fact, a fundamental aspect of assassination, even if
the "pay" received is a political or religious payoff.
        Killing covertly is not an important part of assassination.

        1) Because it is not done in a fair fight.
        2) Because it often involves the use of potentially
dishonorable tools such as poison, seduction, treachery, traps,
non-sword magic, and spirits.
        3) It is usually done from ambush or surprise.

Technically, a Humakti who seeks out individuals to kill for pay,
and does so by forcing them into a duel-like environment, making
sure their target is armed (or at least has easy access to a
weapon), is not an assassin by cult rules. However, most Sartarites
would agree that such a man was no better than a common murderer.
Which doesn't mean they'd try to do anything about him unless he
killed someone they personally liked.

Sandy P.


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