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Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 01:45:00 EEST

Tarry Higgins:

Accuses me of forgetting that:

>that "My Glorantha is not Your Glorantha". Martin is playing his
>stuff in a more powerfull world than you are, Onslaughts stats are
>better than normal for a human but are not completly and utterly

*I* have not forgotten. Martin Laurie is the one who is having
difficulty coming to grips with this. He posted Onslaught's stats
and does not have any realization that it would be overpowered in
other people's campaigns (look at his defense of Onslaught's stats!).
Furthermore he has been asserting that such people are not unusual
(statwise) in Glorantha.

Frank Rafaelsen:

>First of all, the waertagi cityships. Have anybody got any info on them?
>Are they really made out of dragons? Live dragons? How large are they?

Wyrm's Footprints has details on them.

>When are they sceduled to return? How are they going to react to the
>Loskalmi navy?

A City Ship returns in 1625 at Sog City. Seshnela is still standing
in 1627 from what I know but Mularik Ironeye quits Tanisor in 1629
or so to join Argrath in Dragon Pass and become Regent of Tarsh. Why
did he quit? As for the Loskalm Navy, I presume they would try and
sink it covertly and offer to take over naval duties themselves.

>And last, when they do find lost Brithos they bring back a brithini army
>that invades Seshnela. Now why would the Brithini do that?

Who knows. I heard it suggested that they aren't actually Brithini
but Vadeli (who would be more interesting to fight against). Greg S.
thinks that Brithos doesn't come back. I've also heard rumours of

Xamalkela, a land in the far west of the Coast of Luathela. The
inhabitants of that tortured land are Westerners who were forced to
live in Isolation since the Closing. The 'Brithini' army that conquers
Seshnela actually comes from there, desperate to leave their horrible
isle for the Land of the Living so that they have resorted to become
mercenaries for the Waertagi/Vadeli alliance. Their archaic ways makes
most people mistake them as Brithini from Brithos.

Nick Davison:

>There are mention of Malasp mermen raids on shipping.

>Has anybody developed tactics for these?

See a lone ship, summon "Jaws" (Tyrannopisces Rex), have him circle
around the ship a few times. When the crew are suitably shitless,
yell in a loud voice to the crew to dump cargo overboard. Pick up
cargo. Dismiss "Jaws". Swim off.

Sea Serpents or Sperm Whales or whatever Marine Horror you can control
would work just as fine.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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