Power Gaming

From: Martin Crim (mcrim@erols.com)
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 03:10:31 EEST

In V2 #521, MOB writes:

>There was an excellent, amusing article in an old Different Worlds or
>White Dwarf which depicted the four types of gamer and the characters they
>would play: the Power Gamer, the War Gamer, the Roleplayer and the
>Story Teller. I wish I could find it: if I could, I'd post the example of
>"The Power Gamer". Anyone else out there know what article I'm referring

Different Worlds #37 (Nov./Dec. 1984), "Profiles from the Four-Fold Way:
Thew Power Gamer, The Wargamer, The Role-Player, The Storyteller," by Greg
Costikyan, after an article by Glenn Blacow in DW 10. The write-up of the
Powergamer lists his (and it is HIS, not his/her) archetypal character as
Fred Might-Thews, who lives in a castle shaped like a geodesic dome to
resist aerial attack and is a 78th level
Fighter/magic-user/cleric/thief/assassin/monk/druid. My favorite quote,
though, which I use freqently, is "Shoot first, then use Speak with Dead so
they can't lie, and Raise them if you shouldn't have killed them in the
first place, that's my motto."

- --Martin Crim


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