More Onslaught *sigh*

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 03:10:32 EEST

Martin Laurie:

>However, I wrote Onslaught to be superhuman, that was
>kind of the point. He is my take on what a Humakti verging on minor Herodom
>could be like. He is meant to be as far above a Rune Lord as a Rune Lord is
>above a lay member.

And what heroic adventures has he undertaken? Questing for the Warhelm
on the behalf of Grazer king is the only one mentioned and not well
described despite all his laviously recounted mundane deeds ie slaughtering
a thane in 1613, run amok against the Ditali, Military Consultant for the
Lunars, killing his fellow humakti bent on vengeance after he killed his
CO etc etc. This does not sound like the History of a Would-be Hero to me.
Where did he get his funky Runemagics from? (y'know Acrobatics, Deathfist,
Storm of Blows). Who is his Significant Other? (ie for Argrath, it's the
Red Emperor, for Arkat it's Nysalor, for Jar-eel it's the Lunar Empire,
for Harrek, it's the World). Onslaught is so wooden that even the Elvish
Wooden Sword Temple would complain of the splinters...

>Here's a challenge for you, what do _you_ think are convincing stats for a
>war god warrior who is aspiring to be a cult hero and isn't far away from
>achieving that while alive?

I've already answered this when I said that Argrath himself was probably
no more powerful than the Razalkark the Unicorn Emperor. Much of what
heroes can do are not reflected in the RQ rules IMO. Monsterbeating
Statistics is not the stuff Heroes are made of and are not the way to
go. Get a copy of the HeroQuesting Special in ToTRM#7 and read it page
to page. Look at Fragment 1613 and note how *interesting* Eringulf of
the Vanak Spear is compared to Onslaught. Look at the Berserkergang Path
for the Storm Bull Cult: to pass some of the tests, requires a test of
character rather than brute strength and skill. Read the articles and
inwardly digest.

Furthermore, I would have thought Onslaught to be a Cult Hero already
if he had the Storm-of-Blows spell, say. He could set up a temple,
teach his followers how to get it and volia, he's a cult Hero! A cult
hero and a Hero are two different concepts. I don't think Onslaught
can become a Hero because he represents no-one save his shallow self.
And I strongly doubt that he can become a Cult Hero since he tends to
praise people he respects by killing them. 'You are worthy to join
my Temple. Unfortunately I must kill you *thwack!*'

I won't revisit the Onslaught Stat debate with Martin Laurie since
he's trapped in the wargaming paradigm, fruitful debate is highly
improbable and somewhat offtopic as it's a roolz-matter.

>You only have to look at the slagging off I got for posting my view of a
>demi-hero. There is such a prejudice against tough characters it amazes me.

Widdums. It's not tough characters I hate, it's insanely overpowered
gross ones.

>So instead of bitching when an attempt is made to quantify this by someone
>else, why doesn't _someone_ other than my rather battered self post their
>idea of a big cheese?

Because their ideas of what constitute a big cheese actually happens to be
very small fry compared to yours.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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