Sandy tries the Martin Switch

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 05:29:33 EEST

In V2 #522, Sandy somebody writes:

>>Martin Crim
>>These are all questions you have to ask when talking about some
>kind >of absolute moral code which has certainly never existed in
>the RW so >why would it exist in Glorantha?
> You're crazy, Martin. Absolute moral codes exist in
>practically EVERY SINGLE CULTURE in Glorantha. So there. Certainly
>the Orlanthi barbarians have one.


>Martin Crim said:
?>Killing people for pay is not assassination by any definition I
>can >think of. Doing it covertly _is_
> You have not thought very hard then, martin. Killing people
>for pay is, in fact, a fundamental aspect of assassination, even if
>the "pay" received is a political or religious payoff.
> Killing covertly is not an important part of assassination.

Wasn't me this time. Next time look at the "From" line.

- --Martin ("The True Martin") Crim


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