Re: Treack Markhor

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 23:40:56 EEST

> What nationality is Treack Markhor? Atyar's skull is described as being
> left in a niche of a temple in the East Isles; Markhor as a traitorous
> priest of LHankor Mhy who then takes it to Kralorela. Isn't this a bit
> far afield for a LM priest? And his name does not sound Kralorelan; how
> is he wandering from the East Isles into Kralorela? And, for that matter,
> how does a broo hero Greegrog get into Kralorela -- I didn't know broos
> lived there? Any answers out there -- "real" or "imagined?"

> Jim Chapin

I would have thought that both - Treack & Greegrog finding it - are examples
of heroquests. If you followed the original version and dropped out at the
point where the skull was, uh, "dropped", then you would end up on the material
plane where the skull was (unless someone had moved it...). It must of been
a bit of a shock when Treack found out where he actually was on the material

Robert McArthur


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