Treack visits the East

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 11:49:30 EEST

Jim Chapin:

>What nationality is Treack Markhor? Atyar's skull is described as being
>left in a niche of a temple in the East Isles; Markhor as a traitorous
>priest of LHankor Mhy who then takes it to Kralorela. Isn't this a bit
>far afield for a LM priest? And his name does not sound Kralorelan; how
>is he wandering from the East Isles into Kralorela?

I imagine Treack was a sage who fled to Kralorela from Heortland to
avoid persecution as a Riddler by Arkat's forces. He lived in Lur
Nop in exile (surviving on his ill-gotten gains stuffed in his
briefcase before he skipped the country). He travelled to the Eastern
Isles to reach the Fabled Land of Vithela and thereby gain the Secrets
of Enlightenment. Unfortunately Treack had falling to his innate greed
(liberated by Gbaji's teachings) and came away with naught but the skull
of Atyar.

>And, for that matter, how does a broo hero Greegrog get into Kralorela --
>I didn't know broos lived there?

I believe the Huan To invited him in from the Wastelands to sack a few
cities? One city was occupied by the Ogre King and the Legion of Red
Bones for quite a while in the second age which gives some insight as to
how Kralorela was run under the Aegis of the New Dragons' Ring.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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