Onslaught and the Rubble Runner...

From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 14:08:17 EEST

Hi All & Martin

I post the following for a number of reasons, but NOT as an attack on
Martin L. or his enterpretation of Glorantha. My main reason for
posting it is I think it has some humour (and humour needs to be
injected into the *great* Onslaught debate/flamewar). It also shows
people that someone like Onslaught is takeable in single *combat*
by someone much less powerful. I have not attempted to specify
stats etc. but the reader may be able to determine the spells etc.
that are the background to the story.

Finally, for Martin, it is you choice about whether Onslaught gets out
of this attack in your own Glorantha. I just wrote this story to show
that loners are very vulnerable as they can't guard against all attacks.


"Now, Onslaught, you are a naughty boy. Stand in the corner until that
nasty cheating magic expires."

Onslaught quickly spun round to glare at the owner of the mocking voice.
The shattered bodies of his foes lay heaped between them. Onslaught
growled with rage and leaped over the bloody remains, charging towards
the tall, brighly dressed fop. Selwi took one look at his ferocious,
blood-spattered visage and legged it. His ally cast his most powerful
"Run Away" spell and his legs blurred as he shot off into the Rubble.

Onslaught eyes briefly widened in alarm, but quickly this turned into a
feral steel grin. He started to jog after his dishonourable tormentor
who had not even had the decency to stay around to be butchered.
Onslaught jogged on, in a fast distance devouring lope, knowing that his
prey would swiftly tire. His heavily trained and practiced tracking
skills were easily up to the task of following this dandy, who had fled
too fast to hide the signs of his passage. When he developed a stitch
Onslaught ingnored the pain and made a mental note that he would have
to fit in some time to do more running in his packed training schedule.
Confident, that his prey would be suffering at least as much as he
Onslaught loped on licking his lips in anticipation.

Finally rounding a corner he sighted his target, bent over and gasping for
breath. Onslaught sped in and Onslaught whistled down severing the
exposed neck. His battle trained reflexes caused him to react with
lightning speed to the lack of resistance to his blow. Illusion, he
thought, spinning to meet the expected attack from behind. Sure
enough even as he spun he could feel the Dandy's black stone knife
scoring a line across his armour (thank Death for that dwarven enchantment).
Onslaught's axe ripped into his foe's abdomen feeling a satisfying
grate as it hit the spine. Grinning and breathing a sigh of relief
Onslaught relaxed just in time to glimpse the enormous jaws of the
gigantic rubble runner as they flickered out of invisibility and
closed around him.

"Damn, a second illusion with sound and touch components too!"
swore Onslaught as he was swallowed forever...

        Selwi Jerandi (Rubble Runner Rogue Trickster)

The moral of the story; "Sometimes it pays to cross your legs."


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