Big cheeses!

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Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 14:33:26 EEST

My idea of a big cheese would be a rune level with one or two (small) MP storage
devices and NO MORE THAN 20 points of rune magic... and this would probably be
the high priest of a cult. Being a rune level they would have from 5 to 10
skills at 90% plus. Also they would have a nice 3d6, 2d6+6 allied spirit.

That's well and truely powerful enough for me!

In the varius campaigns I've played in, spare power to sacrafice for rune spells
is a rare thing. It tends to get burnt up on DI's and POW gain roles are few and
far between (only on spirit combat and holy day ceremonies).

IMO PC's and NPC's get their strength and power from working together in groups.
Each member can specialise in a facet of their god's magic and compliment each
other on their quests/adventures. Power comes from interaction with your cult,
your society and your friends. If you don't interact then you are as vulnerable
as a brittle tree in a storm. Why, even Harrek has his wolf pirates tagging
along for the ride each time he goes on a raid.

I think it was Martin who said that Humakti fight for money, and therefore
killing a man for cash is not assassination. I personally agree with Sandy and
say that this is EXACTLY a case of assassination. Humakt is death for a reason
and that reason is not for the money itself.

Humakti in my Glorantha are hired for the following reasons.
1) To fight in a war, to protect against invaders. Most Humakti in a country
would rather not see their culture trashed by invaders. Either because they
wouldn't like their family slaughtered (even if they sever social ties it
doesn't mean they don't care for those they've severed themselves from) or
because there's not a lot of point in having a temple in the middle of a
destroyed city.
2) Passive defence, ie escourt duty for merchant trains, bodyguards for
important people etc.
3) Truth speaking in trials and court cases.
4) Active defence. Extra sword arms for important quests (eg padding out an
adventuring party who are investigating rumors of a choas temple etc) The
mission must be one which is important to the local cults/clan, not for personal
5) Sealing important agreements by using their oath spell.
6) Private weapon tuition.
7) Investigation and destruction of possible undead sites. Normally this will
not be charged for, but the Humakti will sometimes ask for food and lodging on

None of these reasons except for number seven is what I would call active
offense. That is to say no Humakti deliberately goes out to kill a target for
money. In the God time (after Fleshman) Humakt killed in defense, he did not
kill indescriminately just for the fun of it... otherwise he'd be called the

Any money gained from these sources of employment will obviously be given to the
Humakt temple for maintainance, purchace of bronze/iron, keeping a ransom fund
etc. All in my Glorantha of course.

What would Onslaught spend his money on? He doesn't drink, doesn't go to the
Uleria temple, has unbreakable armour and weapons, doesn't maintain a farm or
even a family. He could work for bed and board if he wanted to!



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