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From: Nick Brooke (100656.1216@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 16:16:56 EEST

Frank writes:

> First of all, the Waertagi cityships. Have anybody got any info on them?
> Are they really made out of dragons? Live dragons? How large are they?

They're made from the bodies of sea dragons, albeit modified (cf. "Spirits of
the Sea" in Wyrms Footprints). They are *huge*, a kilometer long or more, and
pretty wide in the beam. I'm pretty sure the dragon is still conscious (maybe

the figurehead can talk, or bite). You can see some ruined bits of cityship
(rudder, ribs, figurehead, etc.) scattered around the Dragonbone Quarter of Sog

> When are they scheduled to return?

They aren't "scheduled" to return, but their return is prophesied to be one of
the events of the Hero Wars. We had one cityship returning to Sog City in 1625,
and it was the first time seagoing Waertagi had been seen there in the Third
Age. I have the background write-up for the Waertagi captain in HtWwO at home,
which includes a description of their Age-long journey across the seas of the
Underworld; I'll post it some time soon. It makes some sense out of the recent
changes in Waertagi culture.

> And last, when they do find lost Brithos they bring back a Brithini army
> that invades Seshnela. Now why would the Brithini do that?

You can see my take on Brithini "expansionism" in the RQCon 2 Compendium NBCE
transcript. Apropos of this, Peter wrote:

> I heard it suggested that they aren't actually Brithini but Vadeli
> (who would be more interesting to fight against). Greg S. thinks
> that Brithos doesn't come back.

Yep, this is something I got from Greg while we were preparing HtWwO. Of course,
the first thing those dirty, stinking Vadeli are going to do when they arrive on
the mainland (after sacking coastal villages, etc.) is to declare to the shocked
and abused survivors, "We're the Brithini. And we're back."

Mark Smylie recalls:

> hmm; talk about male fantasy -- though I swear the marriage had more to
> do with the fact that her father had huge tracts of land ;-)

Her *father* had h.t.o.l? Strange innuendo. I think I'm missing something
here... unless you have far stranger male fantasies than myself (or, for that

matter, Martin "Big Sword" Laurie).

More power to Pam's Cha'Un! ("But... she's only a girl! What's she doing playing
these tough macho wargames? Bet it's 'cos she really wants to dominate all us
men. Snotty bitch! My numbers are bigger than hers, anyway...")



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