Cutting the [Big] Cheese

Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 17:03:35 EEST

G'day all,

Cutting the [Big] Cheese

Martin Laurie (who else?):
>However I have seen from the comments I have gained, particularily
>from self-proclaimed "luminaries" that this is WRONG and that I am
>obviously a fool for even thinking that were all supposed to have a
>good time, whatever our poison.

Martin, I haven't seen *anyone* blowing their own trumpets, proclaiming
themselves as "luminaries" on this digest. Petulant comments like these
have reluctant dragged me back into the debate (sigh)...

Martin, you posted material to the Digest, presumably for public appraisal,
scrutiny, criticism, even praise. You got plenty of the former, and
not much of the latter this time. You have earnestly defended your
position with a doggedness that even Onslaught would find admirable.
However, the general consensus is agin you on this one. To use a
martial metaphor, this cut 'n thrust is what a forum like the Glorantha
Digest is all about, and (mixing my metaphors here) if you run something up
the flagpole you've got to expect it might be shot down. Better luck next
time, eh?

You won't find a character like Onslaught in my vision of Glorantha. Not
only because he's got 160% Bite Attack, but because in totality he's a mere
cardboard cut-out, about as real and plausible as Fred Might-Thews
from Different Worlds #37.

>Amusingly, I have laid down this gauntlet to the "luminaries" (you know who
>you are) on the subject of herodom and if anyone is well equipped* to write
>a Gloranthan hero it is they, with access to Greg and his works that most of
>us haven't got. So instead of bitching when an attempt is made to quantify
>this by someone else, why doesn't _someone_ other than my rather battered
>self post their idea of a big cheese?

I've already obliged: the Lunar Coders. They're as good as you're
gonna get from me. Y'know, I doubt very much if Hero types are
much more powerful, stat-wise. Their growth and power comes in
ways that can probably only be adequately described by storytelling
rather than bald stats (which is probably why HeroQuest hasn't
appeared yet, and ain't likely ever to).

>You are an astute leader and place him in a place he will do well. You
>place him in command of a fortress that absolutely must not fall.
>He will kill any man who breaks, he never sleeps, never dispairs and never,
>never gives in.

Jeez, he must be great for morale! In the end, those that haven't
deserted will be lying around him in heaps, bitten to death for failing
to live up to his impossibly high standards. However, as Onslaught is
effectively invulnerable, the rest of the garrison is probably superfluous

>Onslaught is merely one of many wandering Swords (maybe 200) in Dragon
>Pass and possibly not even the best.

Y'mean there's some other Guy with a Big Sword out there with *267%* Head



P.S. Loren, I loved your ideas on what side effects a character with a
strong affinity to death like Onslaught would bring on the environment
around him ("people near him should feel sick to their stomachs, as if
they were weakened by disease, food should spoil at twice normal rate,
small animals should age and die quickly, people who are talking in
his presence should find it difficult to keep their concentration as
their thoughts keep dying off, and their throats and mouths should go
dry, etc."). Excellent MGF!!!


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