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From: mark groff (
Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 01:11:26 EEST

Argrath no more powerfull than Ralzakark? maybe in the political sense,
but in one on one combat, Ralzakark would probably - almost certainly -
be toast. The only place that I've seen comparative stats for the
Gloranthan Heros was Dragon Pass. In Dragon Pass, Argrath, all by his
Lonesome was the combat equivalent of a decent
Regiment, he coluld move
better than any non-flying unit - ie Heroic movement, his magic factor
was 10 meaning it took two typical lunar magic regiments to threaten him
on waxing, full or waning half moons, more on the dying or dark moons. He
caries a couple or three regimental equivalents in his pocket in the form of
the dragon tooth runners, and Giants go out of their way to help him. Not to
mention heroic escapes.
      Now, looking at Ralzakark's stats I have to agree that he is
extreamly tough, but I think its doubtfull that Ralzakark could stand up
to the efforts of one lunar magic regiment on the full moon. The only
role playing example of army magics that I've seen described was in the
Cradle Scenario, and it took an (estimated) magic regiment just to strip
the cradle of its defences. Could Ralzakark have managed the same? What
exotics does Ralzakark command? I would however probly grant him Heroic
escapes. all IMHO.

     Mark Groff - Cougrage has got to be stronger, spirit the stouter as
our strength faileth


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