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Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 22:20:21 EEST

 Ralzakark is obviously a demigod given form. He is described as "one of the
most powerful HeroQuesters known" and actually states that he "chooses" not
to ascend to godhood because he disdains the "shackles" of the Great Compromise.
 Ralzakark has obviously gone on a HeroQuest to Humakt (to get his cool
sword abilities, and the ability for his people to worship him), HeroQuests
about the Unholy Trio (according to LoT he will reincarnate Ragnaglar and
bring back the Devil), HeroQuests to the Sky Terror (obviously connected to
Tyram; if you met it down an alley one dark night, it would quickly turn
very, very bright (and hot!) ) and HeroQuests to somehow gain his split
personality/immortality abilities. Not only can Ralzakark appear as many
different faces, he was (according to LoT) killed thrice by Oddi the Keen,
and still came back for more (but these may just be his Heal Body spells).
The Book of Drastic Resolutions implies he has many powerful items,
including the Eye of Gbaji. I mean, he's a god! Weak indeed, pah! I suppose
we'll have to wait for "The Plateau of Demons" before the Big R and all his
powers, HeroQuests, resources etc.. are revealed (but if anyone intends to
attack Fort Wrath, they'd better bring out the rules for HeroQuesting forst
:) ).
 Oh yes, i would like to introduce Onslaught to the Red Emperor and his
steed, the Crimson Mouse-with-wings. Dinner by candl..moon light, so to
speak. I'm sure Onslaught and all his spirits will give the Bat a reason to
go on a diet.
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