Onslaught: enough already!

From: ANDOVER@delphi.com
Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 00:26:47 EEST

The "piling on" against Onslaught may explain why he needs so many
powers to kill multiple enemies! Personally, our campaigns have always
followed published scenarios and used the exact rules in force (RQII-RQIII
transition included). As a result, in more than 15 years of play, we have had
exactly ONE Rune level character (a Humakti priest under RQ II rules
who STARTED with an 18 POW -- he died on the way out of Snakepipe Hollow)
and the only skill that anyone ever reached over 90% in has been
peaceful cut/butchering!

A while back on the rules line we had an animated discussion of the
need for rules to provide rules for 200% characters to fight each
other, and I sneered at all the players who spent their time explaining
how different they were from the (obviously bad) AD&D power gamers and
then worrying about how their illuminated Rune lord/priests with 175%
attacks and 165% parries could fight each other. It was obvious that
using the rules as they stand, no one ever reaches rune level without
a great deal of "complicity" from the GM.

So my campaigns are about as different from those of Martin Laurie's as
can be imagined.

However, I have enjoyed his stories, and at least some of the people
piling on probably have "over-powered" campaigns as well. Martin has
been paying some attention to the criticisms that have weight, and I
think that some of his foes should pay some attention to the points he
has been making. And could we PLEASE avoid personal insults, even
"clever" ones?

Personally, I think all the evidence is that Onslaught would be forbidden
access to many Humakti temples, and welcomed at many others. I think
that the chances are that he would be dead by now, but then I look at
NPCs with no capacity to be raised, like the scorpion queen K'rana, with
something like 70 points of rune magic sacrificed for -- and who apparently
is many years younger than Onslaught! Impressive!

I propose that we drop this line, which must have tapped a strong nerve of
some sort, judging by the number of digests that have arrived in the last
few weeks, and move on to the many other fascinating topics that lie before
us, such as the exact nature of the farming tools in Esrolia, and how
can a regular human tell a Brithini from a Vadeli, and so on.

Jim Chapin


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