Re: Onslaught and the Law; Argrath vs Ralzakark

From: David Dunham (
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 23:43:47 EEST

I liked Erik Sieurin's story. How about more stuff on Humakti that
*doesn't* mention Onslaught?

However, Onslaught does lead me to wonder:

According to today's definition, Onslaught is indubitably an assassin. He
kills individuals for money. "Assassinate implies specifically the sudden
killing of a politically imortant person by someone hired or delegated to
do this." But is he an assassin in Glorantha? He doesn't seem to commit the
Orlanthi crime of secret murder because he doesn't mind witnesses. But he
doesn't have the legal excuse of a feud (which in fact isn't really a legal
excuse, since there's no protection against a counterfeud). I think we
could pose the question, would one of the thane's Humakti housecarls be
able to use Sense Assassin? This is a rules question, but I think the
answer is yes*. If Onslaught were ever brought to trial, a Lawspeaker would
refer to precedent and custom, as well as to Heort's Law.

In Prax, I'm not sure there is a distinction between types of killings.
Perhaps dishonorable killings would deserve more painful deaths. The
determination would probably be made by a khan, based on his own opinion.

In the Lunar Empire, I suspect there are codified laws, covering different
degrees of murder or manslaughter. A judge would find the most appropriate
statue and mete out the appropriate punishment. (I suspect this is all
based on Dara Happan law, but the Lunar judge would have more leeway in
making a determination.)

* If the thane had killed Onslaught's brother and thus been subject to a
feud, I'm not sure that Sense Assassin would work.

Mark Groff wrote
> In Dragon Pass, Argrath, all by his
> Lonesome was the combat equivalent of a decent Regiment

We don't know that -- the counter doesn't represent Argrath all by his
lonesome, but with his Companions.

> What
> exotics does Ralzakark command?

I hate to think of what Dorastan nasties he could summon.


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