Onslaught and Conan

From: David Ford (davford@vossnet.co.uk)
Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 01:48:53 EEST

I stand with Martin when he says Onslaught would be a mere fly against
hero-level magic (v02.n512). Considering that Harrek and his pirates are
equal to thousands of soldiers (re:Dragon Pass), Onslaught seems rather
Onslaught you are welcome in my Glorantha!
Loren you believe that Onslaight is wrongly superior to Conan and that
Conan should be a model for Harrek (v02.n524). I absolutely disagree. In my
proud opinion Conan is equivalent to a skilled Rune Lord in fighting
prowess, no match for any for powerful runemaster or hero. Conan doesn't
even have any magic. What makes Conan a hero in the Hyborian Age are
brains, brawn, and plenty of lucky breaks. I reckon his luck would run out
in Glorantha. I love
Conan and he is a hero in the Hyborian Age, but he is mere sword-fodder in
David Ford


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