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Loren Miller:

>and the crit proofing for one thing is against the rules and personally
>I wouldn't allow it in my campaign, because I don't want the players to
>get it.

Actually, it's the Turn Blow from Elder Secrets. OTOH I am suprised
that the Dwarves would be so Openhanded as to give one of their most
potent military secrets to a mere outsider. A Sorcerer might inspect
the armour and figure out how to duplicate the enchantment!

Mamoru Kurihara:

>Who is "Bellex Maximus, the Imperial Overlord" ?
>(see Genertela book p40 "THE LUNAR PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT")
>Is the person Red Emperor or Yanafal Ternils' High Lord ?

I think he's a Lunar Noble who is the equivalent of the Minster
of Defense. He has some military power, but he wastes all his
time in court intruiging against those who might petition the
Emperor to have him sacked and those generals who might get to
big for their boots (Fazzur Wideread) and revolt.

Andrew Joelson:

Me>> I don't think Onslaught can become a Hero because he represents
>> no-one save his shallow self....

> Sir Ethilrist is the only counter example I can give. And it was
>much harder than for him than it would be for someone with community support.
>It's true that he has a following (his Black Horse Troop), but take them
>away and he's still a Hero.

But Ethilrist has the Ego of a million men. Surely that must count for
something? :)

Nick Davison:

>To be honest I had already thought of using sea monsters to intimidate
>ships crews. I was thinking of more subtle (and less expensive in terms
>of Rune/Divine Magic) methods.

I imagine the Malasp wouldn't have to use Divine magic. They could
herd a school of sharks around the ship and threaten to sink the boat
by drilling a hole etc.

>Throwing some cargo into the sea might just ruin it. Come to think of it
>what tribute would be useful to mermen? Items such as pearls that
>landlubbers had unjustly stolen from the sea?. Alternatively goods that
>they cannot easily produce underwater inside or outside their air filled

Finished metal goods would be highly prized by them as they can only
work sea-metal underwater. Anything the humans might think valuable
and isn't ruined by the water is also highly desired by the Malasp
coz they're greedy.

Martin Laurie:

I complained that Onslaught was too lightly described in gaining his
powers, too "cardboard".

>Well maybe so but then I reread my info on Harrek and Sir Ethirilst and
>Jar-eel and even Argrath in terms of them gaining their heroic powers and
>do you know what? NO INFORMATION. There are NO specifics on their
>herogifts, hints yes but hard facts, no.

That is because their stats have not been written up, birdbrain. We do
know plenty about what they have *done* in terms of Heroic _deeds_.

Harrek was a Dart Assasin who killed the Red Emperor. He also skinned
the Polar Bear God, Sacked Sog City, Drove off Lord Death on a Horse,
become the Champion of the Ygg's People, established a Kingdom in Goan
and returned from the Iron City when everybody had thought him Dead
and many other things.

Ethilrist has been to Hell and Back and has also defeated Hungry Jack.

Argrath has drunk the Giants Cauldron (beyond Door Mountain), defended
the Cradle etc etc. The thing we don't know about him is where he picked
up his Dragon Magics (Ormsword, Battle Banner of the EWF etc).

Compare all this to Onslaught's History.

What has Onslaught done compared to all this? Gotten the Warhelm. What
is its history? Who did he nick it from? Why did the King let him have
it? The Knight who found the Holy Grail certainly didn't keep it for
himself! Where did he get his dwarf enchanted armour from? Are the Nidan
Decamony after him because of this? (If not, they should be). Where did
he get Acrobatics, Deathfist and Storm of Blows from? A Kralori Teacher
he defeated in the Wastelands? His sword, his axe, whither came they?

These are things that should be present in his History. But all we have
is a one sentence 'Quested for the Warhelm' and oodles of senseless mass
carnage. *That* was why I said Onslaught was Cardboard.

>I percieved this to be due to the lack of rules available on the subject
>and the fact that vagueness can be replaced for fact in those circumstances.
>If Onslaught is supposed to be a "major" hero, he's the first one I've seen
>_any_ stats for yet you expect me to deduce the "correct" powers for a hero
>without any info?

Huh? I am complaining about Onslaught's Cardboard Nature above and
how there's virtually no information on how he got his powers, magic
items etc and somehow Martin infers I am arguing about his stats?
Stick to the argument please Martin, I said I wasn't going to revisit
the Stat debate.

On how Onslaught can be defeated:

>I don't think its particularily impressive. Of the top of my head, hit
>him with a powerful dismiss magic or when he hasn't any magic up (most of
>the time) with several magically screened assassin cultists firing arbalests
>with potency 20 poison from out of range of his detect assassins.

*groan*. If this is the way you play Glorantha, why doesn't Onslaught
have a sidekick called Harold with a golfbag carrying all his swords
instead of relying on one big one. ('Harold, the number 7 sword, please.')

On Onslaught's Code of Honor.

>(3). He doesn't like liars. More poncy subterfuge in his book.

This from the person who speaks in monosyllabic grunts to decieve people
into thinking he's stupid when he really isn't? If that isn't poncy
subterfuge, what is?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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