Sword Poetry -N. Effingham

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Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 03:26:26 EEST

Nick Effingham E-Mail:wal@eff.u-net.com

Has this as his singnature.

<None so gaudy, nor as bloody,
as the sword that would,
crash and bash, an' swing with a flash,
and spill thine enemies blood>

This is great, where did you get it?

BTW I think that the bald stats of Ralzakark are really only the tip of the
iceberg. So well said on that subject.

Jim Chapin:
You pointed out that herioc characters could never actually exist without GM
complicity if the rules were taken exactly. I agree with you on that I will
admit that my players start with skills in the 50-75% range and I'm pretty damn
generous with gear but they _don't_ get it easy. You Glorantha is different to
mine but the common theme is that it still _is_ Glorantha and we all have fun!

Ian Gorlick
Comments on powerful NPCs and their interaction with the PCs. I agree with you
Ian that powerful NPCs that could overwhelm the PCs should be kept away from the
players. However I find that they make great backround material, stick in
players minds very well and are useful duex ex machina at times.

Martin Laurie


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