Ride on, Cha'Un!

From: Fredrik Brorson (brorson@clavicula.mednet.gu.se)
Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 12:51:56 EEST

All hail Tu-Aronk!

We are much impressed by brave Cha'Un tribesmen. Consider transferring to
your unit for some good village-burning, woman-taking and general mayhem.
May the blood of our enemies color our arrows the same hue as the Red Moon!

All hail the Reaching Moon!

Shabak, Hipparch of the third turma.

I may be a stupid Newbie but seriously, folks! What is this
ever-lasting Onslaught argument compared to Pam's post? What need to
discuss the stats of another GM's NPC's? (I guess I belong to the
"Story-teller" category in that article on gaming styles)



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