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Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 17:50:11 EEST

G'day all,

Humatki Honour

Andrew Joelson:

>Honor: I think that Onslaught has passed out of the pale of Humakti
>honor. Sure it's true, but get back to basics; _why_ did Humakt sever
>his ties to his kin? Not because he was God of Severence, but because
>his honor was so offended by Orlanth's actions vs death/Yelm. So he cut
>away his ties, not only to Orlanth, but to the whole family! Thus
>he _became_ the God of Severence (DP POV), he didn't start out that way.
>Humakt has a tremendous sense of honor, and it includes more than
>'don't attack from behind'.

Elegantly and cogently put Andrew! If, as I think most people
accept, Humakti (in DP anyway) are ritually severed from their kith and
kin, do they participate in clan cattle raids, or bloodfueds as

recently discussed by David Dunham? Or are they meant to be above this,
following the lead of their god as above?


>But Ethilrist has the Ego of a million men. Surely that must count for
>something? :)

Ethilrist: a self-made man who worships his own creator.

On the Trail of the Assassins

Martin Laurie, defending Onslaught's crit-proof armour:

>>Really? I don't think its particularily impressive. Of the top of my head,
>>hit him with a powerful dismiss magic or when he hasn't any magic up
>>(most of the time) with several magically screened assassin cultists
>>firing arbalests with potency 20 poison from out of range of his detect
>>assassins. Even if only 1 out of five impales chances are it will hit a
>>vital location (50/50) for minimal 23 points which is one point higher
>>than his armour so the poison penetrates any way. Put a simple speedart
>>on that and even without an impale there is a chance of penetrating. He
>>will have a fair chance of resisting the poison but a fair chance of
>>_not_ resisting and he's pretty well going to be dead. No coming
>>There are myriad ways of killing him cheaply and relatively easily. If
>the President of the US can be killed so can Onslaught!

Aha!, so there were "several magically screened assassin cultists firing
arbalests with potency 20 poison" on the Grassy Knoll. No wonder JFK
didn't stand a chance! And if only Honest Abe had been a Humakti like
Onslaught. He would have sensed Wilkes Booth sneaking up behind him at Ford's
Theatre, whirled round, and bitten him to death!

Jim Chapin:

>I propose that we drop this line, which must have tapped a strong nerve of
>some sort, judging by the number of digests that have arrived in the last
>few weeks, and move on to the many other fascinating topics that lie before
>us, such as the exact nature of the farming tools in Esrolia, and how
>can a regular human tell a Brithini from a Vadeli, and so on.

If Glorantha was in the Star Trek universe, no doubt by the curious lump of
latex on their foreheads...

Jim will be no doubt intrigued by comments in the diary of
St Theoblanc the Martyr, Rokari Pope at the 7th Council in Sog City:

"It was on the way home from Honest Babdil's Virgin Megastore in the
Vadeli Quarter that I heard from one of my chair-men more about the vile
Vadeli and their loathsome reproductive practices. However, I was
suffering from a surfeit of duff Arktanian Oysters at the time, which may
have unhinged my mind as they had certainly unhinged my bowels. But why is
it though, that "birthing chamber" and "privy" are one-in-the-same word
in the Vadeli language?"




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