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From: Hal Bowman (
Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 17:48:09 EEST

Hello, all. Thanks again to those of you who responded to my earlier
questions. Since writing last time, I have acquired TotRM 1-13, Codex 1-3,
Heroes V1, v2. A good number of questions have been answered, but I have
some more. By the way, the party sailing to Teleos (previous message) has
been sidetracked by the TotRM 10 "Barren Island" scenario, partly to buy me
some time. Here goes:

1. Is there anywhere a description of the "defenders" of Daliath's Well, or
of Nelat's Bath? Or any other sea HQ's?

2. I have the sentence long description of Goan from Heroes v1, n6. Is
there anything else? I saw in a recent Glorantha Digest that Harrek sets up
a Kingdom there (I thought that was in Umathela) and saves the city from Bat
Hunschen. True? If so, when does this take place (or just point me to the


3. I have now seen several references to Sandy Petersen's Pamaltela
campaign notes? Are these available to the great unwashed? If so, how?

4. No map I have seen has given a name to the river running to Goan. Is
there one published?

5. One last try: Who or what is behind the hoard of nasties coming upriver
in Jolar? (One answer was red giants, another was that the hoard was a
bunch of little slimies - who's driving the slimies?) Which river are the
coming from?

6. Is there a cult(s) writeup for any Kresh cults?

7. Do the Agi's of Pithadros have ships? Are they now Malkioni?

8. How many lunar (and sable) troops are there in Prax in 1623? When does
Argrath get back (no, I don't have KoS)?

Thanks again for your patience.

Hal Bowman
Baltimore MD


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