Onslaught and the Rubble Runner (Errata and More)

From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 02 May 1996 - 17:41:29 EEST

Hi Martin & All

        Martin's continuation of my Onslaught and the Rubber Runner story
has a couple of major flaws. Obviously in his campaign that is what happened
however I would like to point out the following:
******** If Onslaught is swallowed then he is dead! ********

1) The Rubble Runner is Selwi the trickster using Become Rubble Runner,
the spell is taught by the Hidden Rubble Trickster (HRT) shrine.

2) He is using the Swallow Spell TM! Thus if swallowed Onslaught is Dead!


As the priest of minor cult shrine dedicated to Eurmal the Rubble Runner
(Gluton Subaspect) Selwi has gained 20 points of the Swallow divine magic.
The swallow spell is necessary to obtain the Become Rubble Runner spell
as the scarifice for each spell requires the receipient to eat their size
in Rubble Runners and Selwi is too much of a fop to chew his way through
20 Size of Rubble Runners (they taste foul and he has no intention of
ruining his carefully developed palette).

Selwi has been the priest of the HRT shrine since he was seven years old.
As a Rubble waif he has been able to survive on his own (or with a little
help) from a very early age. When looking for food one day Selwi sneaked
into a rubble runner hole hoping to find eggs or young??? Instead he
found a strange debris strewn room with colourful frescoes of rubble runners
and people with rubble runner heads. There were also mystic runes carved
into the stone walls and floors. While in poor repair the long forgotten
Trickster shrine was a treasure and delight to a young boy. He kept the
place secret and used to visit it regularly, clearing the rubbish and even
attempting (quite well) to repaint the frescoes.

Curiously, while the rubble runner returned it never attacked him and often
would sit and watch or bring him food (not exactly gormet, but filling).
Finally, the day dawned when Selwi became seven and he realized that:

1) It was his birthday (he had not known when it was before).
2) He was connected to something else via the shrine (Eurmal).
3) He could communicate with the rubble runner (his familiar).
4) The rubble runner was intelligent, wise and very ancient.
5) He was responsible for looking after the Shrine.

Since that day Selwi has religiously celebrated his birthday at the shrine
even though sometimes he has wandered away from the Rubble for long
periods. He always converts any increases in mana gained from worship at
the shrine into divine spells from it. The spells available at the
shrine are: Worship Eurmal (Glutton Aspect), Become Rubble Runner and
Swallow. Hence, his very high Swallow 20 and several uses of Become RR.

His magical powers have helped Selwi amass a reasonable stash and he can
afford to live well. While he continues to live in a ramshackle Rubble
mansion (restored internally) he can occassionally be found in the better
inns of Pavis. Paradoxically, while generally preferring the good-life
he has the capacity to slum it as only a Rubble waif can. He also has
an extensive informal information network, based around the *feeding
station* for Rubble kids that he runs from behind his mansion. While
aloof he is a reasonably popular figure in the human Rubble community
as he takes care of the kids and has provided warning of impending troll
raids in the past.

Selwi loves eating (remember he was always starving as a kid) and thus
has been able to make friends with the Rubble trolls. He loves to indulge
in eating and drinking contests with them and often wins (using Swallow,
remember tricksters Cheat!). Once he managed to accompany some of
them to a Giant Beehive and got to eat some Royal Jelly (yum, yum!).
Despite his early years Selwi has affected refinement and prefers to eat
gormet cuisine although he hates Noveau Cuisine and prefers to eat its
supporters rather than their microscopic portions.

Finally, and most irritatingly, despite his excessive eating habits
Selwi does not appear to get fat! Perhaps his hyperactive personality
and the fact that he is often chased by people he has irritated help...


****** All characters mentioned in the above tale are not based on any
PCs, living or dead and any resemblance is purely coincidental. ******


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