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MOB speculates

> If, as I think most people
> accept, Humakti (in DP anyway) are ritually severed from their kith and
> kin

I can't accept this. According to Wyrms Footprints, Sarostip Cold-Eye "is a
cousin of the present Malani king, and also chieftain of his own clan.
However, everyone expects him to be the next king." He could be none of
those three if he had been ritually severed (unless you accept, which I
think most people would not, that an Orlanthi clan or tribe would readily
embrace an outsider as ruler*).

It's more likely that Humakti go through a ritual which legally exempts
their families from being subject to feud. This might even reduce the
degree of kinship, from near-kin (in East Ralios, this is the group with
legal responsibilities, as well as the right of inheritance) to far-kin. In
other words, the ritual would turn you from a brother into a cousin. But
you're still related, and still in the same clan. At the very least, a
brief version of this ritual is used before a Humakti duel.

I'm sure there are clans like Greydog who take the severing a step further.
But I think most are not so extreme. (I suppose it's possible that the
Malani are unusual, and their Humakti are the only ones who don't sever
kinship, but I have an easier time believing that some Humakti are
fanatical than that some Humakti are wussies.)

It would be a bad thing from society's point of view if people could simply
excuse themselves from societal responsibilities. (I would expect a Humakti
to be *more*, lot less, likely to avenge his birth-brother. Nor would I
expect society to say, "Oh, your brother was killed by a Humakti. I guess
that's too bad, unless you want to attack the whole Temple.") Legally, a
severed Humakti would be a stranger [KoS.244], and thus be one of the Seven
Dangers that a clan protects against [KoS.248].

* Sartar seems to be related to Colymar, and spends much time establishing
himself as a helper of everyone before he becomes king, founding a
voluntary union. Belintar became Pharoah over Heortland, but not without
many protests from the Hendriki [KoS.200] And both these individuals are
over-kings, a new role where probably more flexibility is possible. Argrath
likewise establishes his lineage, and is not an outside ruler.

Mark Smylie wrote

> I would actually
> tend to think that there were relatively few true Humakti Heros or
> heroquesters

Several people have proposed that Humakt (or Humath, or Humkt) was one of
the Lightbringers in Ralian mythology. (I haven't made up my mind, but it's
not at all unreasonable, especially because I think no Ralian Humathi
severs his kinship ties. If it's not true in East Ralios, it's probably
true in Lankst.)

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