Kill the Onslaught!

From: Tony V Likhite (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 01:10:32 EEST

- -- [ From: Tony V Likhite * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Lest this thorough bashing of ultra-powerful NPCs continue forever, I offer
the following to appease those who desperately need to see Martin driven to

1) RESOLVED: That henceforth, anyone having the temerity to post NPC stats
that the more articulate posters think are too powerful should be publicly
excoriated and then devoured by Tax Demons. This is, after all, a "digest".

2) RESOLVED: That henceforth, all right-thinking posters shall be
obligated to include at least one sly, snotty dig at Martin in every post.
This practice shall be used to confirm orthodoxy of Gloranthan worldview.

3) RESOLVED: That henceforth, anyone accused of "Powergaming" by at least
three other posters should be subject to ad hominem attacks on their
intelligence, virility/desirability, good intentions, and personal hygiene.
This in addition to any literary criticism that might be offered.

4) RESOLVED: That Martin Laurie is wrong, just plain *wrong*, and is much
too stupid/underendowed/mean-spirited/stinky to admit it. That any
constructive comments he makes should be utterly ignored. Oh, and that his
spelling sucks. So there. Nyaa.

There y'all go. Have a beer, Martin.

- -Tony-

(Who enjoyed the Onslaught stories, would tone Onslaught way down before
admitting him into his campaign, and is amused by folks who can't tolerate
the idea of someone disagreeing with them. You know who you are ;)


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