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Lewis Jardine

Re your story I see what you are getting at now. Interesting idea. It begs the
question though, what _really_ does happen to people or things swallowed by
tricksters using the Big Swallow? Where do they go? Its not chaos magic so
they aren't destroyed.

I'm still not sure that a big swallow allows you to eat something that is
struggling or moving with that amount of ease. Does anyone know the attack uses
of the spell, anyone tried it as I've never played or run a trickster?


I like to discuss things with people who have done sterling work on a subject,
those who have spent time and effort to be published in an imaginative and
creative way. However, they go to the toilet like anyone else, I didn't bow for
the Queen, I sure a shit ain't going to bow for some guy who writes about
roleplaying for crying out loud. I _will_ respect their opinion _until_ the
moment comes when they begin to use their position as a screen to allow them to
snidely insult and deride other points of view. That I won't put up with, I'll
fight that kind of arrogance every step of the way, in every way I can. Its not
right, its not fair and its damn well not polite.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good wind-up as much as the next man but I approach
these things in an obvious way. Eg my disagreement with Martin Crim over his
alledged superiority when he knows full well that the Laurie Rune is superior
because it has an "R" as one of its two central letters following a "U" whereas
"Crim" has an "I" following and "R"!!!?!! Need I say more?

Peter Metcalfe:
You made a good point about Onslaught disliking subterfuge but tricking people
with regards to his intelligence and language skills. You were right, this was
out of character and when I thought about it, the few times he's appeared in my
campaign he didn't act like that at all. Character quirk dropped immediately.

As for calling me "birdbrain", spin on it.

Hero careers: I see what you were getting at re the careers of heros and
cardboard cut out characters. I was arguing about something entirely different.
However, to address you points a wee bit:

Onslaughts quested for the warhelm on orders of his King (the Grazer King) who
treated him like an outlander scumsucker. Onslaught recovered it and his sword
from a Knowledgist ruin deep in the Rockwoods. He was sent to destroy a
particularily chaos hole opened up by Vendrefi mining for Bronze and fought his
way deep underground with members of his local temple and the few Uroxi in the
area. He personally defeated a powerful chaos creature which weilded Soul
Cutter and took the weapon.

While serving with the Lunars he raided Dagori Inkarth frequently. In one such
raid he saved an Iron Dwarf squad cut off after a routine maintenance run. He
recieved little gratitude from the dwarfs and challenged their leader to a
fight. He promised to be a slave for them on his gods honour should he lose and
still live and should he win he demanded a prize. He won but barely, the Iron
Dwarf was _very_ old and he had him craft him his armour.

His service in Esolia and Heortland brought him into contact with many strange
groups. He encountered Kralori traders opening up trade routes in Karse for
their silks and became involved when the Kralori kidnapped the Baron of Karse's
daughter to force concessions out of the Baron. The Baron became desperate and
sent a team to find her, Onslaught was one of them and he quested for the girl
for weeks, finally finding her protected by a Kralori martial arts mystic in a
Kralori hell. After a titanic struggle he freed the girl and severed the
Kralori mystics power from him. Though he has no access to the inner mysticisms
of the arts he stole, he can use many of their physical effects and has created
his own discipline.

If you want I could go into more detail and categorise everything he did but
there really is no point.

Anyway, I'm going to get on with another Deville story and save my battered
fingers for more pressing correspondance.

Martin Laurie


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