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Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 03:02:47 EEST

Hal Bowman:

>1. Is there anywhere a description of the "defenders" of Daliath's Well, or
>of Nelat's Bath? Or any other sea HQ's?

Not really. Orlanth when he went there *thought* he met Magasta. The
main sea HQ that is known is the Circumnavigation Quest made by both
Harrek and Erinoru (although they started from different points).

>2. I have the sentence long description of Goan from Heroes v1, n6. Is
>there anything else? I saw in a recent Glorantha Digest that Harrek sets up
>a Kingdom there (I thought that was in Umathela) and saves the city from Bat
>Hunschen. True? If so, when does this take place (or just point me to the

The source is a single line in King of Sartar. Harrek would have conquered
the City anytime in 1623 to 1624. He seems to have left shortly afterwards
because he indulges in further adventures (in Fonrit, Jrustela and Nolos)
before 1625. Kareeshtu was simply shattered by the loss of its fleet to
respond effectively.

>7. Do the Agi's of Pithadros have ships? Are they now Malkioni?

The Agimori of Pithadaros are now Pious Malkioni (think of Othello the
Moor). Whatever boats they have previously were smashed to splinters

by the Closing and now they use the same boats as their neighbours.

>8. How many lunar (and sable) troops are there in Prax in 1623?

About the same number as there are now in 1621. They don't start
getting killed until 1624. The upcoming Freeform in Chicago may
reveal more details.

>When does Argrath get back (no, I don't have KoS)?

Argrath Whitebull (who may or may not be the real Argrath) appears in
1624 and expells the Lunars from Prax. Pavis falls to Argrath Whitebull
in the next year and all the Lunars are killed. Another Argrath (of
Pavis) then takes over the city. Argrath (the Real One) appears sometime
in Sartar sometime in 1625 after the Dragon Rises.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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