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Our Estimable Host posted:

> Jolly Good, Nick old toff. Would you do the right thing for empire
> and friends and have Chris jot off the stats of these characters so
> we can compare them to the big, bad Humakti O of recent digest
> infamy?

OK: here's some of the more memorable stats from the game. The Red Admiral had
Great Power (that's the bottom of the scale). The Sultan of Karasal had Great
Power, increased to Vast Power within his Sultanate. Bellex Maximus had Vast
Power, increased to Incredible Power in hand-to-hand combat or when commanding
the Red Army. Jar-eel the Razoress had Incredible Power. Resolution was by
tossing a handful of patriotic discs and seeing how many landed moon-side up:
you could reproduce this with coins or (more likely) beer-bottle tops without
seriously damaging the effect.

There were also a bunch of one-use special powers, so the Blue Moon player could
secretly kill anyone, the Black Army (secret police) torturer could extract the
truth from anyone, etc.

Plus some generic game roles: you couldn't stop the Black Army guy from
eavesdropping on any conversation between players; Beatpot's player had to
supply players with food, the Chamberlain with drinks; etc.

(Sorry, but we didn't take note of anyone's Bite Attack Percentages).

I expect a lot of the background material Chris developed on the theory and
practice of Lunar government, the members and roles of the Senate, Presidium,
Imperial Court, etc. will be distilled into articles, cult writeups, the next
freeform, and the like in the not too distant future, so I won't be posting any
of the rough stuff here.

The impressively-named Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener said:

> The presence of such individual as Martin Laurie is often presented as
> evidence that any "roolz" for Heroquests would inevitably be misused.
> This is Nick Brooke's position, I believe (correct me if I am wrong, Nick).

You're wrong. I'd say Martin's experiments show that "Super RuneQuest" is NOT
the right way to go forward in developing HeroQuest. Look at Tales #7: you don't
have to have 260% Bite Attack to stand a chance on the Blue Boar, the Silver
Fox, the Grey Hare HQs. I'd model HQs more on Pendragon adventures than these
high-end rule-abusing Rune Lord antics. Adopting and expanding some system like
the Pendragon personality traits might be a good way to simulate the
relationship between the Hero and his community.

> I also percieve a shift to the idea that LARP is the way to go, the wave of
> the future when it comes to roleplaying Glorantha. I find such a view
> to say the least. Table top role playing requires much more discipline than
> which has made LARP's goals seem loftier, if for no other reason then that
> are easier to acheive and so seem acheivable, as opposed to tabletop role
> goals.

Duh... so you think it requires "much more discipline" to write and participate
in a six-player tabletop broo-bash than an eighty-player freeform game? Well,

Doyle Wayne, I ask you if this "discipline" is really such a good thing, since
it makes certain types of game impossible. Isn't it perhaps a straitjacket? Have
you ever played in a Gloranthan LARP, or talked to anyone who has? And what do
you think the "goals" of a LARP are, if not to provide an opportunity for
players to have creative fun with Glorantha?

(I wish I'd realised how damn' *EASY* it was to write HtWwO while we were doing
it: it would've been *SO* reassuring to know that the two lever-arch files
packed with characters, plots, notes, etc. represented far less work than Doyle
Wayne puts into each one of his crack, disciplined tabletop gaming sessions :-)




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