Re: Brithini/Vadeli, Humakti, etc.

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 05:13:25 EEST

>how can a regular human tell a Brithini from a Vadeli, and so on.
>>If Glorantha was in the Star Trek universe, no doubt by the
curious >>lump of latex on their foreheads...

        I like to think of it as a crinkly-cut french fry taped to
the nose. At least for Klingons.

> If, as I think most people accept, Humakti (in DP anyway) are
> ritually severed from their kith and kin, do they participate in
> clan cattle raids, or bloodfueds as recently discussed by David
> Dunham? Or are they meant to be above this, following the lead of
> their god as above?
        I think that except for the harshest temples, Humakti are
_not_ severed from kin -- rather, they are "set apart" from them. Of
course, they have a ceremony for kin severance.
        BUT, the code of Humakt is expected to take precedence over
kin relationships, which in itself is a fearsome concept to the
        I also believe that there are several sagas and epic poems
about Humakti who were torn between their families and Humakt's

        Have one strong man hold his right arm. Have another hold
his left. Now he is helpless. Hold his head underwater for hours
until his CON rolls fail. If that takes too long, unlace his helmet
and stuff a firecracker up his nose.
        Have a good-sized sylph with plenty of Shield carry him
down the Hellcrack.
        Use Truestone arrows -- they'll ignore his magic.
        Place him in a small room with a dozen Walktapi and see how
long he can hold his breath. Their constrictive grip will keep
increasing round after round until even _his_ armor gives way. To
get a dozen Walktapi, start with one. Chop it into pieces. Keep
pieces separate and feed each hunk a cow or two until it reaches
full size.
        Push him into a pit filled with gorp. Better yet, fill the
pit with whipped cream -- he can't breath, and he can't swim out of
it, either. Drizzle with maraschino cherry juice.
        Immerse in cement. Let harden. Drop into Magasta's Pool.
        Don't feed him. Eventually, he'll starve to death.
        Chuck him into the howling void created by the Thed spell.
        Cast Reverse Chaos (boosted with 100 MPs to evade his
anti-magic stuff). Do a Divine Intervention simultaneously so you
get to pick the particular chaos feature he gets. Pick a really keen
        Hire Gonn Orta to pull off his ears.
        Get a sorcerer to cast Skin of Life and Diminish SIZ on a
cow. Shrink the cow to the size of a pea. Put it inside a martini
olive and get him to swallow it. Permit the Diminish SIZ to lapse.
You now have a cow-shaped hollow shell of Onslaught.
        Have him fight duel after duel with an endless succession
of farmboys. Eventually he'll get that much-to-be-desired Fumble of
Fumbles -- "Critical Hit Self in Head".


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