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Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 05:27:10 EEST

Hall Bowman
>1. Is there anywhere a description of the "defenders" of
Daliath's >Well, or of Nelat's Bath? Or any other sea HQ's?
        Yes. But not in print. In my last conversation with Greg,
he told me that only one individual -- Orlanth -- had ever survived
the fullness of Nelat's Bath (actually, there might be two). IMO,
Nelat's Bath comes in an ever-increasing series, and a human quester
could presumably bath in the first one or two (or more, if he was
exceptionally pure) without taking the full series. This might not
earn a drink from Daliath's Well, but perhaps one of the lesser
springs surrounding it would be made available.
        The guardians of Nelat's Bath and Daliath's Well are
enormously powerful sea-beings. This means that, among other things,
they are shape-shifters.

2. I have the sentence long description of Goan from Heroes v1, n6.
 Is there anything else?
        Not much

>I saw in a recent Glorantha Digest that Harrek sets up a Kingdom
>there (I thought that was in Umathela) and saves the city from Bat
>Hunschen. True? If so, when does this take place (or just point
me >to the source)?
        I think that Harrek's Kingdom is in Laskal, on the coast to
the east of Fonrit. These jungles do have Bat Hsunchen, but I don't
know that they were the particular threat that he saved anyone

3. I have now seen several references to Sandy Petersen's Pamaltela
campaign notes? Are these available to the great unwashed? If so, how?
        Sandy Petersen's campaign notes are auctioned off, once a
year, at Convulsion (or at least, this has been done in the past).
They usually go for a few hundred dollars. I feel that it would be a
disservice to the people who spent $$$ for these things to make the
notes widely available. Those who _bought_ the Notes are welcome to
publish bits of it if they please, but I don't think it would be
ethical for me to do so.

4. No map I have seen has given a name to the river running to
Goan. Is there one published?
        Not published. I wrote it up at one time and I'm sure it's
still on a map somewhere at Chaosium.

5. One last try: Who or what is behind the hoard of nasties
coming upriver in Jolar? (One answer was red giants, another was
that the hoard was a bunch of little slimies - who's driving the
slimies?) Which river are the coming from?
        This is a _secret_. However: Red Giants are not behind the
hordes. The horde _is_ a bunch of "little slimies", I guess, if by
this term you mean puny chaos monsters. Like unto Grayskins.
        They are coming up through several different riverbeds,
including rivers in Tarien and Zamokil. Even Kothar, by some
accounts. One rumor says that a Kresh wagon train has vanished
without a trace. If true, this is a fairly major event -- a Kresh
wagon train is as hard to destroy as a walled city or a Waertagi

6. Is there a cult(s) writeup for any Kresh cults?
        The Kresh are currently entirely NPCs. They _do_ worship
many of the same cults as do the various peoples who live around
them. Pamalt, for instance.

7. Do the Agi's of Pithadros have ships? Are they now Malkioni?
        Yes. Yes.

8. How many lunar (and sable) troops are there in Prax in 1623?
When does Argrath get back (no, I don't have KoS)?
        I believe there are about 1500 Lunar troops in Pavis, and
another couple hundred in Corflu. The Sable troops are not numbered
- -- basically the whole tribe is pro-Lunar at this time, and they are
not subject to census or counting.

Sandy p


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