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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 05:39:37 EEST

Carl Fink
>People have posted things like, "No player character in any game I've
>seen has risen above 100% skill" and said that even Argrath wouldn't
>have stats as high as Onslaught's.
>I gather none of you has seen, for instance, Sandy Petersen's
>campaign notes for Pamaltela? Those guys were *gross*, even by the
>standards of my old absurd game.
        What are you talking about, Carl? There are character stats
in my campaign notes? (I'll have to go look at them again -- maybe
they're in the back.) To the best of my knowledge no one has skills
over 130% or so. (Most aren't near that high.) The most powerful
spellcaster in the party was Mr. Man, a sexagenarian Doraddi
trickster with (I think) 81 points of Rune Magic, nearly all useless
trickster dreck, like Become Dirty Shirt. Oh yes, there was the
broken dwarf, Gorfang, who had a 600% skill in Polishing. (That was
his job for several centuries before he could stand it no more and
left the warrens forever.)

        The players were mighty more because of the things they did
and the things they met, not so much their stats. They met the Bird
of Gifts, defeated the evil Sorceress of Sozganjio, attended a
boggle banquet (they hated it), met and questioned a being who lived
through the destruction of Slontos, raided a Luathan's castle (he
wasn't home), captured the Old Man of the Mountain, befriended the
last Hoolar in the world, burnt the Suckerbunny Tree, and raided the
King of the Dead.

Sandy P.


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