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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 05:52:53 EEST

> What exotics does Ralzakark command?
Dave Dunham
>I hate to think of what Dorastan nasties he could summon.

        He is the only mortal being in Glorantha who knows how to
bring forth the Sky Terror. This is a colossal chaos monster along
the lines of the Crimson Bat, the Hydra, or Cwim. In Dragon Pass
terms, I believe it is around a (12)/-2/10 flying/*
        It does have limitations. It cannot spend more than a day
outside Dorastor, because it feeds on ambient chaos particles in the
air, and few areas are able to supply this besides Dorastor and
similar hell-holes. So basically it can fly out of Dorastor, attack,
then fly back next turn before it "dies". Of course, if Dorastor is
engaged in a major excursion, the chaos would issue forth, too, and
the Sky Terror could remain in operation.
        Other Ralzakark thingies of note: he has his own private
cult of Humakti sword-broos, his own private cult of Chalana Arroy
healer-broos, his own private access to the colossal Demon of the
plateau, which is essentially an entire chaos deity like unto
Wakboth or Thed. He can't summon forth the Demon, but he can use it
to do things for him.
        In addition, as the closest thing to a respected leader
that Dorastor has, he can make deals and alliances with the other
inhabitants of Dorastor, and get their aid for an expedition or
need. This includes the Poisonthorn Elves, the Telmori, the Hellwood
Krjalki (but not at the same time as the Poisonthorns), and all
Dorastor's varied super-monsters. He can also control Slimestone,
the giant gorp, for periods of time.

Sandy P.


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