Re: Sense Assassin

From: Peter Linton Tracy (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 07:14:49 EEST


Some time ago Dave Dunham posed the problem of just who is an assassin in
glorantha and how sense assassin works. Well... IMH(pseudo-runic)O the
Humakti gain the sense assassin skill through their association to the
the rune death. Thus the sense when people are concentrating on that rune

(ie; intending harm to them, or people closely linked to them). The links
for the sense assassin skill I imagine are formed in some brief prayer to
Humakt, and can include anyone in the particular Humakti's company.
... If it does work this way, sense assassin may not work against
someone with the express and ultimate aim of humiliating, embarasing or just
plain ruffing up the humakti (actually ruffing-up/violence may be
considered/construed an aspect of the Death/War/Violence rune!?) or his
boon companions. Or a YT's Boom [chaos] companions. ;-)

Said my bit, thanks for reading.


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