Beer Tops & Discipline

Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 07:31:40 EEST

Nick Brooke wrote:
> you could reproduce this with coins or (more likely) beer-bottle tops without
> seriously damaging the effect.

Remember, Nick, that a beer cap is more likely to land upside-down.
(Mello wouldn't have fallen into the water if I'd only rolled one more 'heads')

Nick then derided Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener:
> Duh... so you think it requires "much more discipline" to write and participate
> in a six-player tabletop broo-bash than an eighty-player freeform game?

Looked to me like Doyle was refering to playing, not writing.

BTW, I'm sure everyone who has participated in a good LARP is very glad
that some individual out there was masochistic enough to bother writing it.

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