Rune, Martin, Rune

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 10:48:42 EEST

Not that I feel the need to intervene, but Martin Laurie mentioned:

> my disagreement with Martin Crim over his alledged superiority when he knows
> full well that the Laurie Rune is superior because it has an "R" as one of
> its two central letters following a "U" whereas "Crim" has an "I" following
> and "R"!!!?!! Need I say more?

Surely shome mishtake! Their surnames give the game away. The third and fourth
letters of M. Laurie's surname phonetically spell out "You Are" (U.R.), while
the equivalent letters in M. Crim's spell "I Am" (I.M.). It is clear that
*Martin Laurie's own name* proclaims the superiority of Martin Crim, whom all
good Digesters must now hail as the One True Martin!

BTW, my bygone insinuation re: penis envy was meant as a riposte to Martin
Laurie's declaration that "all feminists want to dominate men" -- it is equally
true, IMHO, that: all writers of "mighty-thewed heroic fantasy" are
sweaty-palmed traumatised nerds fixated on gay icons like Schwarzenegger and Van
Damme; all "wargamers" are adolescent fantasists hung up on macho SAS bullshit,
gun magazines, and the perceived need to swear grotesquely and inappropriately
in public places ("leper-sucking Whores"); all "powergamers" are self-abusing

bandwidth-filling exponents of "my character's higher level than yours" DnD

But as long as we're talking about *other* people, it's all right to bring out
these crudely abusive stereotypes, isn't it? Y'know, I'm glad I struck a nerve,
if it helps make him more sensitive in future.

> Fantasy today is littered with "nice guy" heros who "agonize" over the nasty
> things they are doing or have "deep personality problems". Heros? Its like
> reading the life and times of a social worker. Blaaa. I wanna puke. To me a
> hero is a man or woman who sticks by their beliefs no matter what, because
> they think they are _right_. Someone who will die for a friend or fight to
> the last to save a cause. Now thats heroism. [M.L. V2 #290]

Oh. I take it all back: if "sticking by your beliefs no matter what, because you
think you're *right*" is the definition of heroism, then Martin L. is being
*truly* heroic. :-)



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