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Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 12:40:12 EEST

>The players were mighty more because of the things they did
>and the things they met, not so much their stats. They met the Bird
>of Gifts, defeated the evil Sorceress of Sozganjio, attended a
>boggle banquet (they hated it), met and questioned a being who lived
>through the destruction of Slontos, raided a Luathan's castle (he
>wasn't home), captured the Old Man of the Mountain, befriended the
>last Hoolar in the world, burnt the Suckerbunny Tree, and raided the
>King of the Dead.

Wow! that paragraph contains more sense of wonder than the entire
digest for the last couple of weeks.

On the power level issue, I think Martin Laurie is completely right
to run a high-power game if he and his players like it. The guy
who has done the most GMing in my group usually lets the power levels
escalate quite swiftly, by design or not, and it can be quite fun.

For example, our characters from hte most gross campaign could
probably take out an Onslaught caliber NPC as a team. The Sun lord
would shoot his truestome tipped arrow with a Shatter armour spell
on it from his big compound bow, the fire sorceress would melt his
armour and the mentalist sorcerer with POW 30 would use some
insidious emotion control magic. (Ha! I have added to the lineup
of gross characters).

These characters are not as good skill-wise as Onslaught, but they
have lots of magic and they are considered major league heroes, so
the general power level is lower, but nobody is invulnerable.

And now I won't write anything more in this stupid debate.

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